"Prepare your minds for action"

1 Peter 1:13

About Us

Welcome to our Verity Group! We're so glad you're here.

The Verity Group was prayerfully created for young adults (ages 18-30). We invite you to join us as we learn and grow together!

What We Do

In today's busy society, we do not get many opportunities to gather together and discuss important topics that have a great impact on our future. The focus of our Verity Group is to solve that problem, all while having fun doing it! Throughout the year, we will have many opportunities to engage, such as:

-Summer Book Club (dinner included)
-Guest Speaker from Paulding Pregnancy Services
-Movie and/or Music Nights (dinner included)
-A Night of Bowling
-Financial/Real Estate Crash Course & Helpful Tips

For exact dates for each event, please see our calendar here